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10 Foods with more iron than red meat

Discover some foods that contain more iron than meat and their importance for your health…

Foods with iron and their importance for health

If you are vegetarian, vegan, or have just stopped eating red meat, a common concern is to ensure the recommended daily intake of some nutrients, including iron according to health standards, the recommended dose for adults is 8 and 27 mg per day.

Iron is essential for life, in addition to preventing anemia, it works as fuel for hemoglobin, the blood cell, to transport oxygen throughout the body.

Foods that contain the same or more iron than meat

Although meat is usually at the top of the list of sources for this mineral, many options contain the same or more of the nutrient. Check out some foods that are worth more than steak when it comes to iron intake:


Three cups of spinach contain approximately 18 mg of iron – more than in a 200-gram steak. You can eat the daily nutrient recommendation with just a healthy spinach salad.


Broccoli is not only packed with minerals and other essential nutrients like vitamin K and magnesium, but it is also rich in vitamin C, which helps stimulate iron absorption in the body.


Just one cup of lentils has more iron than a 200-gram steak. Lentils are also a solid source of fiber, potassium, and protein. You can add lentils to your salad or try them as a soup.


Cabbage is rich in iron and chlorophyll, making it a great option to treat anemia, reducing fluid retention and preventing the absorption of chemicals from food, thus helping to detoxify the body.


Oilseeds of all kinds are known sources of protein for vegetarians, but cashews have the added benefit of being full of iron. A ¼ cup serving contains about 2 grams of iron. Besides being pure food, it can be ground and then sprinkled on salads, meats, and juices.


A serving of boiled soybeans has between 8 and 9 mg of iron. These legumes are also a great source of protein. Just be sure to look for organic soy products rather than conventional ones, which can be genetically modified.

Nozzle grain

A cup of chickpea has 4.7 mg of iron, more than half the RDA for an adult male. Bake in a little olive oil for a crunchy snack or toss them with tomatoes, feta, and cucumber to create a flavorful side dish.

Bitter chocolate

The benefits of dark chocolate seem endless. In addition to promoting healthier skin and teeth and reducing anxiety, it is a sweet way to increase your iron intake. Thirty grams of dark chocolate contain 2 to 3 mg of iron, more iron than the same amount of meat.

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Written by Facundo Martinez


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